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Md zahid hasan
Jun 05, 2022
Let good keywords inspire your content from the start. Where do you find good keywords? With all good marketing moves, we rely on data. At SpyFu, we’re looking at the most trusted, relied-upon, competitive keywords that advertisers just like you have already tested. Yep, we’re stealing from your competitors. There’s much to learn from your competition. They’re road-testing ideas on the same audience you’re trying to reach. That adds up when you compile insights from multiple competitors in the same niche. When one competitor goes in a direction, that’s interesting. When a second or third competitor goes the same way, you’ve got a trend. Why do keywords matter at all? It used to be that you’d target a keyword or two that you wanted your site to rank for in a Google search. You would have written your article with that keyword popping up here and there to make it very clear Cork House Clearance Services that you are all about landscaping supplies. When word spread about that practice, people took it to the extreme. We saw web pages filled with lines like “when you want quality landscape supplies, come see us for your best landscape supplies.” That was keyword stuffing, and it’s part of SEO Past. using keyword I say “SEO Past” because smart marketers have shunned that approach. It was awkward and hard to miss. Google flat out says that it hurts your rankings, and they’ve urged content creators to write for humans. Keywords didn’t lose their importance. Marketers found a better way to use them. Good keywords should be the inspiration and theme of the content. Google has gotten better at recognizing searcher intent and matching that with the right result. It knows that a search for babysitting information might serve up something dedicated to “nanny services” and “childcare.” That’s a good thing for all of us. User experience improves, but so does the content. We have the opportunity to be authentic, and that’s going to engage readers far more than any overstuffed article will.

Md zahid hasan

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