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Monira Khatun
Jun 15, 2022
In the later stage, users are encouraged to experience the bulk sms service product again by means of display, invitation, and membership, and users can be assured through the product. The conversion of live broadcast is mainly aimed at users who make decisions quickly . These users are not sensitive to price and care about whether they can bring value quickly. Therefore, they will place an order after experiencing the product through the live broadcast bulk sms service or after the live broadcast for a short time. The 5-day training camp is aimed at users who have a long time to make decisions . Such users are more sensitive to price and more skeptical about products and services. The 5-day training camp provides users with sufficient bulk sms service time. It will be easier to experience the service, experience the product, and then convert it. This set of conversion process takes into account the needs of different decision-making users, allowing users to pay willingly. 3. To be optimized 3.1 Drainage Community post-maintenance: The bulk sms service drainage part is the best part of Zero One, and the only point that needs to be optimized is "post-community maintenance". In order to ensure that subsequent activities can continue to use the previously accumulated traffic, Zero One will not dissolve the community, but during the period from The end of this event to the promotion of the next event, some bulk sms service people will advertise in the group, disturbing the group The rest of the users will also make users doubt the meaning of community retention. Suggestion : During this free time, the group administrator can remind users of the meaning of community retention (for example, users in the group bulk sms service can be given priority notification for the next event, etc.), and when someone in the group posts random advertisements, they should send the plane in time Tickets, and inform users in the group to improve user experience. 3.2 Conversion (1) Live broadcast conversion process The live broadcast screen is relatively laggy, the screen shakes from time to time, and the live broadcast has a poor look and feel.
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