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Apr 07, 2022
Sales have changed. Messaging and live chat are the new medium for initial sales conversations, not phone calls or old forms. At Intercom, we've seen this change happen firsthand. Since we launched our live chat product for sales, the people who contact us to find out more are business decision makers. They are vice presidents of sales, directors of sales and buy email list CRO. Here's what they tell us they look for in their messaging tools and the questions that really matter to them. How many leads can we capture? How many meetings are we going to book? How many sales opportunities can we generate? Can you sense an underlying theme? What matters to sellers today are actions, not conversations. They come to us looking for a messaging tool that will have a demonstrable impact on their business, not just another communication channel. We clearly see the demand for action in our data: 1 in 7 conversations in Intercom Messenger link to forms, meeting scheduling services, surveys, video conferencing tools, articles and other similar resources. With that in mind, we've redesigned our Messenger to make buy email list it easier than ever for customers to take action in Messenger. Here are a few ways sellers have used our live chat tool to drive action, revenue, and results for their business. Live chat lets you automatically book meetings with buy email list your best prospectsTime kills sales deals. Whether it's how long it takes you to follow up with a good prospect or how long it can take to schedule a meeting. "2 p.m. tomorrow, sound good?" » "Not good I'm afraid – how about 1:00 p.m. Friday?" »"Nah. I'm booked then. Tuesday okay?" Pretty absurd, right? With our Google Calendar Meetings app, your visitors can automatically book a demo with you right in the Intercom messenger. Avoid boring email exchanges and let people choose when you're both available.
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