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rajia rimi
Jun 14, 2022
You absolutely have to look into what's going on in the world, but you also have to accept not to fix it. What a lot of companies are doing right now is just talking about the virus Industry Email List and not about other ways to help their customers. Now is a great time to plant trees for SEO if you haven't already. The trees you plant now will provide shade on sunny days in the future and there's nothing wrong with creating them with content that addresses the Industry Email List current state of affairs. Answer questions to help your customers; Go contribute on industry-specific forums, create video tutorials, and more. Everyone should remember that this is Industry Email List a snapshot in time and there is the other side of it that we all need to plan for. Content Courses and Takeaways Here are the distilled lessons and advice from the group: Don't create content for content reasons, but Industry Email List maintain a regular posting schedule. Don't self-promote or appear to capitalize on the pandemic. Focus on customer needs: Does your content pass the “Will this help my customers?” litmus test? Get regular feedback on customer needs. Determine what you can say or what value you can provide that is (relatively) unique. Review scheduled content to ensure it is not inappropriate or insensitive. Be nimble and ready to modify your content Industry Email List plan as the environment changes. Be proactive, plan content for the post-COVID-19 future (think about when to post). Use research and data to support your content. Keep developing and publishing content that helps your rankings and SEO in the long run. Learn more about marketing in the time of coronavirus Is Industry Email List Amazon about to eat Google's lunch? See how visits to stores, groceries and workplaces are changing with Google Mobility Reports Replay: Live Season Recap with Search Engine Land - COVID and Marketing Disruption How brands can operate with purpose and embrace change as businesses move to reopen
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rajia rimi

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