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Virtual Tours

Israel Tour Leader Online Study Platform

With top-level teachings, virtual tours, and Biblical insights

Experience and learn about the land that Jesus called home through a 360 virtual technology.

Israel Tour Leader

People will be able to gain tremendous knowledge as a tour guide from the comfort of their own home along with international experts and scholars in Christianity, Hebraic roots and more.

  • Learn the ins and outs of leading group tours in Israel and master different approaches to various target groups.

  • Learn about the Biblical relevance of many geographic locations in Israel and develop skills to teach the Bible on site and bring the message to life

  • Acquire knowledge about topics that are part of the Israeli tour guide course, such as: archaeology, history, religion, daily life, flora and fauna, geography, art, architecture and current events.

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Biblical Hebrew I: First Steps

Course by: Pinchas Shi


Lead the Way
Israel Tour Leader Course by Keshet

The course is a unique opportunity to gain tremendous knowledge of the homeland of Jesus from the comfort of your own home. Pastors, leaders, and anyone who would like to lead tours to Israel or wants to learn about the Land of the Bible are invited to take part in this mission.

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