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Land Of The Bible Series 

Experience the sites, sounds and beauty of the holy land

Hosted by David Sussman, Land of the Bible program focuses on a different location each program in the modern State of Israel and shows its relevance as a tourist site while highlighting its Biblical significance.

Lovers of Israel can literally tour the land of Israel without leaving the comfort of your own living rooms while seeing the locations they know from the Bible come alive right before their very eyes.

"If you like the Book, You will love the Country”!


David Sussman is well known for his mastery of story-telling, charisma and colorful personality.

First coming to Israel on a visit in 2001, he never left. Since then he has immersed himself in the land and culture. David served in the Israeli army in a combat unit as a lone soldier and had a near death experience in the Second Lebanon War.

David realizing the importance of educating people about Israel. He graduated from the Archeological Seminar’s two year course in 2009 and become a licensed tour guide from the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

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