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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...." (Hosea 4:6)

LoveIsrael Jewish Studies

The World's largest library of courses in Jewish Studies for Christians 

Remote Learning

Jewish-Christian Studies

Join us on a journey of discovery into the world of Jewish Studies for Christians

Subscribe and access a vast library of courses, from Ancient Jewish writings and traditions, to Biblical Hebrew and Archeology. We will help you understand the Jewish background of Christianity.

30 Days
Money Back Guarantee

Hebrew Language Programs

Discover the hidden secrets of the Bible.

Biblical Hebrew Course


Starts Your Biblical Journey

Explore our courses from Hebrew Bible to New Testament 

Start a journey of life time by connecting to Israel 

Modern Hebrew Course 


Modern Hebrew 

First Steps

Our Academic Partner:
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Our Courses offers certification programs where students can become fully certified experts of biblical languages and studies. Students who take biblical language courses can also get university credits from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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