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Uzair Awan
Mar 08, 2022
I don't need to tell you how crazy things have gotten out there in our schools. The headlines tell us of all the shootings, bullyings and such that are going on. I'm in my 40's and I can remember how crazy things were back in the 80's. But, they were nothing compared to what's going on now. Put yourself in your kid's shoes for a moment. ruger lcr 357 While parents are busy trying to keep their kids off drugs, which is important, the kids are just trying to survive with their life. So, we need to ask "what can we do to help our kids survive and feel comfortable while at school? " First, I say, sit down with your children and talk with them. I know teens don't like to talk to parents, but its imperative that we ask open ended questions and truly listen to their responses and feelings. Half the time, they already know the answers for the questions we're asking. Second, if they feel that protection, in the form of a self defense weapon is in order, really discuss what kind of situation they think they'd be in to use it. I mean, do they feel they'd need it when they're alone in a bathroom and away from their peers, or do they feel they'd need around large groups. Really dig in to get to know the situation. Once you know this, you can begin to consider whether pepper spray or stun guns or pepper guns might be the best choice for them. Regardless of the choice, determine where they'd keep the weapon so they'd have ready access to it. This will help you choose the right model. For instance, pepper sprays come in a variety of containers with different clips and such for storing in different locations. Stun guns have holsters and such. By really getting into the conversation with your teens, you'll be able to better determine not only what will make them feel most comfortable but what also will help protect them the best. Let's face it, times are crazy. In our times, it was only necessary to keep kids away from drugs. Now, we have to somehow find a way to protect them 24 hours a day. And, obviously, not only can we not physically be around them all the time, they don't want us around. But, with a little open conversation and some planning, we can help them make it through this very difficult time.
Self Defense Weapons   for Teens
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Uzair Awan

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